Review by Geoff D. Stephenson
Album artwork by Alex Ross
                   For All Kings, Anthrax’s 11th studio album is set to be released Feb 26th, on Megaforce Records. 

Anthrax formed in 1981 in New York City and have been considered one of the leaders of the thrash metal scene ever since, even being called one of the ‘Big Four’ (the others being Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth), because of this. Their line up and music style have changed over the course of their 35-year career, For All Kings just carves their name even deeper into the metal throne they sit on as they ride this renewed wave of success.

Joey Belladonna joined Anthrax in 1985, recording four studio albums and several EPs, soon after leaving in 1992 over creative and stylistic differences. Later he would reunite in 2005-2006 for a brief stint of live 'classic lineup' shows, only then to permanently rejoin in 2010 releasing the studio album Worship Music, which reached #12 on the Billboard 200, their highest ranking since 1993s “Sound of White Noise”; which reached #7. This is just the beginning of what’s yet to become with the band growing and this sophomore studio release under their belts with Belladonna back in the reigns again.  

It will also be the band's first studio album to feature Jon Donais (Shadows Fall) on lead guitar, who replaced Rob Caggiano after 10 years, leaving in January 2013 to resume his career as a music producer. 

For All Kings begins with a dark drum roll symphonic death march called “You Gotta Believe.” With Joey's powerful stomp on your face vocals, he takes your hand and leads you down a dark tunnel. “Evil Twin”, now popular on Liquid Metal’s The Devil’s Dozen., a SirusXM satellite station, is a vortex of guitars crashing around you taking you even farther down the dark tunnel. “Breathing Lightning” opens with a different twist and builds up slowly with melodic guitars, mesmerizing you in the beautiful light in the tunnel, then only to burst into a runaway freight train headed straight for you. “Blood Eagle Wings” brings a heavy harmonic riffing guitar perfection between Donais and Scott Ian with Belladonna enthralling you with his dominant vocals almost pushing you over the edge. Finishing off the album is the track “Zero Tolerance.” With its constant break neck speed of Charlie Benate’s drumming and Belladonna screaming just as fast with the chorus of “I am Fire I am Death and I am Fire I am Death and.” “Zero Tolerance” delivers a powerful message that detonates like a bomb in your head and keeps your ears ringing. 

(Photo credit: Jimmy Hubbard)
Explaining the album title, which is also the title of the album's third track, Scott Ian said, "The meaning, to me, for this title is that everybody can be a king. Everybody can have control over their own lives, control over their destiny, just by growing up and becoming a responsible human being. I'm not necessarily saying that being a "king" is being the boss in your relationship, or any relationship for that matter. A king of yourself is what I mean. Taking responsibility and ownership for your own shit is basically what it means to me." 
--(Anthrax’s SCOTT IAN On 'For All Kings': 'It's The Most Metal Record We Have Made In A Long, Long Time'". Blabbermouth.net. December 21, 2015. Retrieved January 9, 2016.) 
And according to Benante, "Evil Twin" was inspired by events like the 2015 attack on the offices and staff of the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo and various other mass shootings. Scott Ian, who wrote the lyrics, added that it was about by the actions of people "who feel they have become judge, jury and executioner over their fellow man", calling this mindset the "evil twin" of humanity. 
--(Childers, Chad (October 23, 2015). "Anthrax Unleash Lyric Video for New Song 'Evil Twin' off Upcoming Album". Loudwire. Retrieved November 21, 2015.) 

Anthrax are currently on tour with Lamb of God finishing up on February 12th, in Los Angeles, California at the Hollywood Palladium.  The band will head back out in March opening for Iron Maiden for 12 shows kicking it off in Monterry, Mexico.

(Photo credit: Ignacio Galvez)
Anthrax- For All Kings ----Producer Jay Ruston
1. "You Gotta Believe" 7:32 
2. "Monster at the End" 3:55 
3. "For All Kings" 5:00 
4. "Breathing Lightning" 6:33 
5. "Suzerain" 4:53 
6. "Evil Twin" 4:40 
7. "Blood Eagle Wings" 7:53 
8. "Defend Avenge" 5:13 
9. "All of Them Thieves" 5:14 
10. "This Battle Chose Us" 4:53 
11. "Zero Tolerance" 3:48 

Joey Belladonna– lead vocals 
Scott Ian– rhythm guitar, backing vocals 
Charlie Benante– drums 
Frank Bello– bass guitar, backing vocals 
Jon Donais – lead guitar