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Album cover courtesy of Napalm Records
With their 7th full length studio release now under their belts, and being released on April 15th, Otep come out swinging even harder with a baseball bat covered in barbed wire with the scorching opener Zero. Otep Shamaya’s vocals are in your face rubbing sharp gravel in it while screaming the chorus “I don’t give a fuck fuck, zero fucks.”
Justin Kier’s double bass drums and thunderous bass chords from Ari Mihalopoulos pound hard throughout the entire song. 

Said Shamaya about the song: "While the world is slowly dying, all they do is whine about the things they can't buy with money they don't have. And I don't give a fuck. Not a single fuck. Zero fucks given." 

©photo credit Paul Brown
Feeding Frenzy, the 2nd track, keeps the metal storm going and doesn’t let up. Kier’s drums pound even harder like a migraine headache, while the guitar paroxysm of Ari Mihalopoulos whips things even further into the depths of madness. Shamaya's vocals are raw with energy like a fire that just ignited into life.  
On this release, Otep cover the song Royals originally done by New Zealand singer/songwriter Lorde. The song lyrically disapproves of the luxurious lifestyle of contemporary artists, something perfect for Shamaya to cover since she has always been outspoken person. Of course she adds her own unique touches to the song while straying true to a version a bit heavier. 
For In Cold Blood, things tone down a bit, coming almost to a complete stop after pummeling you in the tornado during the previous songs. With a gentle drumbeat, and a smooth piano quietly in the background, Shamaya’s soft spoken vocals begin to mesmerizing you like a siren song. During the chorus the song enthralls you until a buildup of aggression mid-way through it. 

©photo credit Paul Brown
Generation Doom is a perfect anthem song if you’re pissed off and tired of being blamed or betrayed in this world. If you were ever going to go into battle this song will be your soundtrack. It’s fast, ferocious, with head pounding drums, screeching guitars, and Otep roaring like a drill sergeant at you. 

Shamaya commented on the new album: "Revolution is the opiate of the artist. In pain. We remain. But healed in the sweet addiction to art. We are. For this album, I unleashed my soul and allowed it to soar freely. I communed with the moon in the chrome of its light. I kissed the sun at its fiery height. I waged war with the Nightmare Kings, I sinned with the opalescent women in the roaring seas of poetry. On a cycloptic mare, hooves made of iron and air, I charged into the inky heart of art and roared at the old gods in the ashes of their ruin, "You can't look away, WE ARE YOUR MISTAKE. WE... ARE... GENERATION DOOM!" 

©photo credit Paul Brown
Otep will embark on the "Generation Doom" tour which kicks off April in Las Vegas, Nevada and runs through May 28 in West Hollywood, California. Support will come from Lacey Sturm (ex-Flyleaf), September Mourning, Through Fire and Doll Skin.
Generation Doom  

Napalm Records  

Release: 15 April 2016 

Track Listing: 
1. Zero 
2. Feeding Frenzy 
3. Lords Of War 
4. Royals 
5. In Cold Blood 
6. Down 
7. God Is A Gun 
8. Equal Rights, Equal Lefts 
9. No Color 
10. Lie 
11. Generation Doom 
12. On The Shore 

©Jer Dimes Of Dimes Musical Photography
©Jer Dimes Of Dimes Musical Photography