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As soon as you press play, with the first note that blasts out of the speakers till the last, Nervosa’s new release titled Agony will waste no time in getting your blood pumping and your neck head banging into a frenzy. With an atom bomb of fast riffs, hard pounding drums and malevolent vocals and bass that will explode in your face, this is a must have to add to your music collection.
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Timing in just under 45 minutes, these 12 songs of powerful ruthlessness whip you around like a ferocious dog with a toy doll in its mouth. Songs like “Deception”, “Intolerance Means War” and “Failed System” will pulverize your head like an evil mad butcher. 
This female power trio from São Paulo, Brazil are following up their 2014 Victim Of Yourself release with Agony and it doesn’t let up or miss a beat, almost leaving you with the feeling of black eyes and broken ribs. It has bursts of brutality beating you up with tracks like “Hostages”, “Surrounded By Serpents” and “Hypocrisy”. 
Fernanda Lira’s vocals are ferocious like chainsaw in a garbage disposal, while Prika Amaral’s guitar assaults you from each direction with Pitchu Ferraz bashing out an insane barrage of double bass beats tearing up the skins. 

When asked about the song “Hostages” Fernanda Lira, vocals and bass, explained, “On this song we talk about a situation that unfortunately is pretty common here in Brazil, and I think in many other countries around the globe,” she tells Decibel. “Because of bad corrupt politicians that don't take care properly of society's basic needs, like quality health system for example, many people die on hospital aisles every day. So, we decided to picture this problem in a very 'bloody' way on the video, that is sadly not even close to the horror that happens in the real life of people that depend on public hospitals!" 
Sylvia Massey, Studio Producer on Agony said, “This band Nervosa is astounding. The drummer is a powerhouse. She is unassuming small girl who blasts out beats like a monster. It is really incredible to watch. And in the studio it is take after take after take, relentless. And never letting up. Just amazing. And that is just the drummer! Holy cow!!!” 

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