Scary Busey was initially conceived by Jake Spece (The Kronk Men, Steakknife Handshake) and Jamie Sykes (ex-Thorr's Hammer & Burning Witch) in October, 2014 while working together in the hot Central Oregon desert. After discussing their mutual musical interests for hours under the blazing sun, they decided that they needed to form a band. After several months of creating the basis of Scary Busey's sound, bass player extraordinaire James Stout joined the group. His heavy bass playing style was the perfect fit. For the next year, Scary Busey recorded 11 songs instrumentally as a trio, but felt that vocals were needed to complete the sound. In late 2015, after trying out a slew of vocalists, they enlisted the unique voice of Tim Vester (ex-The Kronk Men, Warm Gadget) with whom Jake had played with in the past. The lineup was complete and perfect. Only one month after joining, Tim had written vocal pieces and recorded vocals for all the demo songs and began performing them live. The shows with the full lineup have been extremely well-received. Scary Busey has developed an original hybrid sound that combines elements of Doom metal, Psychedelic rock, Stoner, Post Punk and Noise. The band is looking forward to bringing their powerful brand of styling to the masses and are ready to break out!
~Tim Vester

Scary Busey is:
Tim Vester/vocals
James Stout/Bass Guitar
Jake Spece/Guitar
Jamie Sykes/Drums
Faceless Beacons
1) Mankind (The plague) 
2) Faceless Beacons 
3) Craven 
4) Mine 
5) A President Swathed In The Queens Clothes 
6) Un-American Pride 

24/7 365