by Geoff D. Stephenson
     Founded in 2011, and hailing from the Pacific Northwest off the North banks of the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington; Simon Says Die are on their way to set their name in stone. With a new album and video in the works for later this year, the 110% they give, they are within reach! If hard work was to write a song, it would be called, Simon Says Die!
     Asked what's one thing you'd like to bury deep from last year, Sean Beard, guitar and clean vocals said, "We would like to bury the drama of 2015. It was a great year, but the scene definitely needs to come together more."
"Success and failures," on what makes Simon Says Die stronger than the day before.

What does Simon Says Die mean to you?  What do you want someone to think of when they hear or see them first time?
Austin Yeager, Lead Vocals
"To me, Simon Says Die is more than just a band. It's grown to be more than just the music we play. It's an outlet for both creativity and stress. It's not just about having the time of my life on stage, but more about the passion, blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into SSD over the years. If people haven't heard our music or seen us live, I hope that is what stands out to them the most. I want people to relate with our music. And not just the actual music that we play, but the words and message that we deliver as well; Live your life the best way that you can, because when the clock of life runs out, you don't get second chances. There are no redo's. So get out there and be the best human being you can be!"
T-Rav, Drums
"The concept behind Simon Says Die is to live your life! Do everything you can and follow your dreams because in the game of life (simon says) when your times up, you don't get a second chance. That's what it means to me. When people see or hear us, I want them to hear something new, fresh, and exciting. We put everything into our live shows so when people come to see us, I want to give them an experience to remember. Not just watching people on stage."
Sapphire Weigel, Band Manager
"I think SSD has a lot to offer over a wide audience. I would have to say I would love for people to take with them not only the talent but the depth of their music. For starters, SSD lyrics have been written from a place of their personal experiences from deepest heartache to gratitude of life."
And here's what some others had to say about Simon Says Die.
"I've known them for awhile and used to be active playing in bands back in the day myself. I'd say it's very satisfying to see where they are now because they had a lot of people talking down on them behind their backs. It's been amazing to watch the growth they've had over the years since their inception. I also know how to play most of their material so if they are playing I'm also playing with my fingers to their tunes. Very happy to see where they are now and where they'll be in a few years." --- Mike Striker.
 "Why have they not been signed yet? They are very talented and put on one he'll of a show." --- Thomas Thrasher.
"I think they defiantly bring in some dynamic sound, great stage performance. Interact with their fans more than most bands. High energy" ---Katie  Zinno
From organizing car washes to help out on the expenses of an  upcoming tour,  or Sean and Austin getting their heads shaved to the highest bidder to raise cancer awareness for the love of their  manager, Simon Says Die are giving more than just blood sweat and tears. Deadication  and determination beat in their hearts.
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