Erik Olson of:
METAL PULP AND PAPER: Thank you so much Erik for taking the time to speak to us here at Metal Pulp And Paper, we really appreciate it. 

Tell the readers about your band Lord Dying?  
ERIK OLSON: We started in 2010, we're from Portland, Oregon, we've released a couple EP's and a couple full lengths on Relapse Records and been on tour all over the world ever since! 
METAL PULP AND PAPER: For someone that hasn’t seen Lord Dying play live yet, what can they expect at one of your shows? 
EO: It will be loud and abrasive! The way a good metal show should be! 
MPAP: What were some of your musical influences that inspired Lord Dying to form as a band? 
EO: Slayer, The Fucking Champs, Karp, Unwound, Black Flag, Entombed, and Morbid Angel
MPAP: You’ve gone on tour multiple times over the years with another Portland, Oregon native band, Red Fang. How did you all meet? 
EO: Our friendship with the dudes of Red Fang goes back to before Red Fang or Lord Dying. Chris Evans and I used to be in a band called Le Force that played a couple times with Bryan and David's old band Last of the Juanitas and eventually I moved to Portland and started a band called Portals with Chris Coyle (Red Fang's TM and handsome devil that's in all their videos). We took Red Fang on their first tour in 2006, it was fun! So yeah, we've been buds for a long time now. They are the best!! 
MPAP: With everyone’s busy tour schedules are you able to hang out with any of them during the downtime at home when not on the road? 
EO: To be honest, we don't get to see each other very often due to our busy schedules, but at the beginning of our headline US tour last August we had a show in Spokane the same night Red Fang was playing there and we all met up after the gigs and partied it up a bit! It was really good to see those guys! 
MPAP: On January 2014, Lord Dying went to Europe for the very first time supporting Red Fang and The Shrine. What was that like being so far away from home and playing to a new audience? 
EO: It was great. Europe is the best. 
MPAP: What’s something that stands out to you playing in Europe versus playing in the United States? 
EO: The crowds seem more eager and the venues put more money into everything like catering, lights, sound etc. Overall it's a better experience. 
MPAP: While out on that leg of the tour, did you get to sight see at all? Or was a lot of the sightseeing through a window of a tour bus getting to the next show? 
EO: We always try to sight see when touring Europe. We just finished a European tour with Entombed AD and Voivod and went sight seeing almost every day. 
MPAP: What was that like being on tour with those legends? 
EO: It was amazing!! They were all really down to earth people and amazing musicians. Hopefully we will do more with both bands in the future. We all lived on the same bus for 5 1/2 weeks and it became like a big family unit. 
MPAP: Being in a band isn’t always easy. What have been some of the obstacles that Lord Dying has had but has gotten through it in the end? 
EO: All touring bands have to constantly make sacrifices to keep their dream alive. For us the rigorous touring schedule has taken the largest toll on our personal lives. You start to feel disconnected from your social networks, family and even community, but whatever, at least you get to do what you love! 
MPAP: Your hard work has paid off. What have been some of the memorable moments together as Lord Dying so far? 
EO: We've gotten to tour with a lot of amazing bands like Red Fang, Crowbar, Weedeater, Misery Index, Entombed AD, and Voivod, every tour we've been on has been rad in one way or another! 
MPAP: Your latest release, Poisoned Altars (January 2015/Relapse Records), features Red Fang’s Aaron Beam guest vocals on “Open Soars”. How did this all come together? 
EO: Aaron is an old friend and has such a powerful melodic voice we felt would be perfect on that song and he was happy to come lay down some vocals!  
MPAP: Who else would you like to musically collaborate with if given the opportunity? 
EO: As far as future stuff goes, we don't want to give anything away but we have some ideas in mind!! 
MPAP: A tour cycle can sometimes last up to three to four weeks being out on the road for a band these days. What has been the longest you’ve been out on the road before so far? 
EO: In 2014 we did 3 months with no breaks. From mid-January to mid-April. We took a break for a couple months after that though. 
MPAP: At what point do certain things start to become missed, like your bed at home, friends, and family? 
EO: I don't know. I guess for me, I don't really miss home too much, I've tried to acclimate myself to living on the road. 
MPAP: What do you do to get by when you look at the calendar and there are still a couple of weeks left to play on the tour? Are there times you get tour bus crazy? 
EO: Personally, I like being on tour, doesn't really bother me to be on the road, but reading is good or playing games like Chess or Talisman works too when feeling bored. 
MPAP: Everyone knows it, but it rains a lot in Oregon during the months of November all the way through sometimes February. If it’s not downpouring, it’s cold and just plain cloudy and gray. Do you sometimes look forward to going out on a tour that will travel to other states that will have nicer weather or to another country you know that has better weather than Oregon? 
EO: Ha!! Actually, I love the weather in Oregon and get bummed if we tour through the rainy season. Although the weather all year in Oregon is pretty nice compared to a lot of the country, never really too cold or too hot. 
MPAP: What will 2017 bring for Lord Dying?  
EO: We are going to be finishing up the writing on an EP, a split, and the next Full Length. 
MPAP: What can your fans expect?  
EO: Nothing but the best, of course!! 
MPAP: All good things must come to an end. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. We appreciate it here at Metal Pulp And Paper.  
Any last words you like to tell the readers and all your Lord Dying fans? 
EO: Thanks for all the support, see you on the road! 

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