A few moments with Per Solang...
Left to Right: Jens Westin, Per Soläng, Tomas Andersson, Bjarne Elvsgård
METAL PULP AND PAPER: Hello Per Soläng. So glad to be catching up with you. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for Metal Pulp And Paper. We appreciate it. 
What’s been going on with everybody lately? Everyone happy, healthy, and staying busy?
PER SOLANG: Ofc (-Editor’s note: Ofc is an abbreviation for ‘of course’) we are. Defcon Zero has been very well received, so yes…we're happy about our situation right now. 
MPAP: For someone that hasn’t heard of your band, Corroded from Sweden, what can you tell them? What do they need to know? 

PER: That we are a very hardworking band, and a marvelous experience live...4 middle aged Swedish guys who likes to play good music!! 
MPAP: You’ve got a new release out there called Defcon Zero (April 2017)? It’s been getting some great reviews, and it’s your first full length in 5 years? What can you tell us about it? 

PER: We had a great time recording DZ, it’s a bit harder and darker than our 3 previous albums. 
MPAP: What can the new listener expect to hear when they listen to it? Is there a message or anything behind it that you hope they will find? 

PER: All the lyrics means a lot to us, but perhaps something else to another...we let our listeners do their own reflections...ofc we hope that they'll find some good music!! 
MPAP: What were you guys up to during those 5 years between releases? 

PER: Touring, touring and...touring. 
MPAP: Going back to your new album, what was something you wanted to accomplish on Defcon Zero that you hadn’t been able to do before in previous years or with previous releases?
PER: This album, we pretty much did all the work by ourselves...from producing to mixing/mastering...that made us have the guts to try different ways. 
MPAP: How do you feel the band has musically grown since the previous release State Of Disgrace (2012)? 

PER: A lot, just regarding to the fact that we've done this one by ourselves. 
MPAP: So, if you had to do it all over again with what you know and what you have accomplished, would you want to go back and change anything on your first EP release Heart Of The Machine (2005)? Some bands after a while will remix an album the way it should have been recorded. How do you feel about this? 

PER: Only time will tell...maybe, maybe not. 
MPAP: Recording new music has changed over the years. Before bands would get together and then spend the next 9 months or more in the recording studio. Now everyone can be States or even countries apart and just send music ideas through emails, or record them on an iPhone and share them over the computer. When it is time to start writing new material, how do you go about the whole recording process? 

PER: It is an always ongoing process, we usually take a preproduction week in the studio to prepare riffs and beats...for DZ we started all the work in the studio when it was time to record it...it was exciting!! 
MPAP: Does each of you have your phones filled up with hundreds of song ideas, lyrics, or guitar riffs on them? 

PER: For me as a drummer...nope. I can not play the guitar...some ideas for lyrics perhaps...but that's it!! 
MPAP: What do you think about music that is illegally downloaded? Unfortunately, it seems to be the normal thing these days. Most bands are against it, but some will say, do whatever you can to get it even if that means to steal it just so you can hear their new music?  

PER: Tricky question, at the same time you want your music to be spread, it’s hard to "work for free". 
MPAP: Even though it is taking money out of your pocket, do you feel that same way, you just want someone to hear it?
PER: As I wrote..... 
MPAP: It can be tough to be out on the road in a tour bus for weeks on end. What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had being out on the road? 

PER: Being away from our families...No doubt, we are enjoying the company of each other so... 
MPAP: What has been the longest you’ve been out on the road? What keeps you from not pulling your hair out?  

PER: 7 weeks thru Europe supporting Airbourne...we're all pretty focused on the work that we're about to do so it makes it pretty easy.
MPAP: How do you balance your music with other things in life like work, family, friends, and loved ones? 

PER: It helps to have a very understanding family to the work situation. And an understanding boss!! 
MPAP: Is there something you’ve all agreed upon that Corroded will never do?
PER: Yes...we will never, as a band, compete at the Euro vision...No way!! 
MPAP: Like a certain song subject, or even what to wear during a live show? 

PER: Check above...and we're not into covers.
MPAP: What are you working on right now?  

PER: Touring, PR and so on... 
MPAP: What is in the crosshairs for Corroded to finish out this year?
PER: A European tour with Pain.

MPAP: Is there anything you can tell the fans what they can expect for 2018 yet?
PER: More touring...and a start with our next album I guess. 
MPAP: What do you find is the best way to promote your band to others? Social media these days seems to be so clouded with drama, controversy and or politics/ fake news garbage. Are you beating the streets with flyers or handing out Corroded CD’s or anything else at a local show nearby?
PER: Touring, talking and selling merch...
MPAP: One last question before we bring this interview to a close. When was the pivotal point in your life that you decided you wanted to start a band or be in a band? Was it a song you heard on the radio, or did you have an older brother that turned you on to the heavy metal genre while growing up? 

PER: Oh...when I was 6-7 years old I guess, but I got my first kit at the age of 12...a friend and I decided to start a band at the age of 15...and here I am today...I have a 14-year older brother who introduced me to Black Sabbath when I was 3-4 years old. 
MPAP: On behalf of myself and Metal Pulp And Paper, I’d like to thank you, Per, for spending some time with us to get to know about you and your band Corroded. Look forward to what Corroded does to finish out the year 2017 and beyond. 

Any last words for all the readers and your fans out there? 

PER: Thank you so much, keep it up...and spread the word!!! 

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