METAL PULP AND PAPER: First off, are you excited to be a part of this year’s Monster Energy Aftershock Festival? It’s two days, and 35 bands in beautiful Sacramento, California? 

THEM EVILS: Yeah! We're completely stoked and grateful for this killer opportunity to share our music with music fans. Not to mention, Ozzy is headlining! With Zakk Wylde! 
MPAP: Do you enjoy playing Festivals? 

THEM EVILS: Yes, we love playing festivals. It's very inspiring to watch dozens of amazing bands play their sets. We are also at times lucky enough to meet musicians that we grew up listening to and look up to. 
MPAP: What are some of the best things, the highlights about being a part of a Festival and playing at one this large? 

THEM EVILS: Definitely the exposure and meeting people who dig your music. 
MPAP: Is there anything you like to do when you’re playing at a weekend long Festival? Do you go hang out with the other bands, go mingle with the fans, or just relax on the tour bus? 

THEM EVILS: We do it all! After the set we mingle, sell merch, and meet fans. At festivals like this it's always work. Networking with other musicians and potential business opportunities. Once we've done that... that's when we're allowed to party. 
MPAP: This year’s bill has Ozzy Osbourne, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Five Finger Death Punch, along with many others, including Stone Sour, Highly Suspect, Gojira, and Code Orange. Is there anyone you’re looking forward to watch from the side stage? 

THEM EVILS: We try to watch as many bands as possible, and some of them are on the day before us but if we can get in a day early we will definitely see Stone Sour, Frank Carter, Marylin Manson, NIN, and of course Ozzy Osbourne.  
MPAP: What’s in the cross-hairs for Them Evils after the Monster Energy Aftershock Festival? Another tour, more shows? Time off? New music by any chance? 

THEM EVILS: We always keep the ball rolling! You'll be seeing us on tour and we will be releasing new music. We have been in the studio working with producer Kato Khandwala and can’t wait to get the new tunes out. Our goal is to tour Europe, so we'll definitely be crossing that off of the list at some point. 
MPAP: Any last words for your Them Evils fans, and all the Monster Energy Aftershock Festival fans out there that will see you soon? 

THEM EVILS: We can’t wait to see everyone while we are out on the road! Keep up with us on all of our social media outlets and our official website. That's where you'll find our upcoming shows, merch, news, and music!